A big jump in sports betting in Australia, but still a risk

The NRL, AFL, Qantas, the Eels, Melbourne Storm and the Canberra Raiders have all increased their bet sizes to a maximum of $100 million from $10 million, according to new research by the Sydney-based investment bank Investec.

The research comes after a similar $100m increase in the AFL in May and the NRL’s $100,000 bet has remained at $10m.

There are some major changes to the way bet sizes are being handled in Australia.

The NRL and the Eel have both been allowed to set up their own sports betting businesses, with the Eelea Sportsbet now the only NRL-linked company that can offer betting on live games.

The AFL has also increased its bet size from $50 million to $100-million, with clubs from Melbourne to Fremantle and South Australia now eligible to participate.

The Australian Football League has increased its stakes from $100 to $10M, with a range of clubs from Sydney to Melbourne and South America.

It will also have an AFL-linked team in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.

The A-League also has a sports betting operation with the NRL, which will have a total of $20 million, with teams from Sydney and Brisbane.

The other major changes are to the betting rules for clubs from Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

The new rules mean the A-league and the AIS are no longer allowed to use the same venues as the NRL.

They have been replaced by new venues for games in Tasmania, Western Australia and Victoria.

The Australian Rules Football League is now allowed to host AFL matches, with two home and two away matches each, but the AELFL will have to play at a higher standard of venue.

Brisbane Lions and Western Bulldogs have also increased their betting limits, from $1.2 million to more than $2 million.

Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth have also doubled their bets, with Brisbane $50m and Melbourne $100.

Brisbane has doubled its bets since the NRL was permitted to set its own betting business, while Western Australia has doubled from $5.5m to $7m.

Rangers and Newcastle Jets have increased their bets from $500,000 to more $1 million.

The Newcastle Jets, in turn, have increased its bets from about $100k to more, with about $5m from the club.

Melbourne Victory has also doubled its bet, from about 10m to nearly $50.2m.

The Melbourne Stars have doubled its stakes since the AFL was permitted in 2020 to set an AFL team’s own sports book, and have been able to set their own stadium and own field.

It now has more than 200,000 registered bettors.

The Sydney Swans, Collingwood, Adelaide, Fremantle, Geelong, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Geelong have also been allowed a sports book.

There have been other changes in the sports book industry.

The BIS is allowing clubs from NSW to bid on matches for the 2020 finals, with Sydney and Gold Coast joining Gold Coast as the new venues.

BIS managing director Tim Wilson said the changes were necessary to keep the AFL business “fit and viable”, but said the industry needed to find a new way to keep bets low.


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