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A meme of a hedge fund manager with a farm is getting a new home after he was arrested in Thailand last week. 

The farm was raided by Thai police and two people were detained in the search. 

“I was arrested, detained, and I am now free,” Mr. Nguyen Thamthong said.

“It was really tough.”

According to Thai media reports, police seized computers, a tablet and several cell phones from the farm, including one owned by one of the investors.

Mr. Nguyen said the investors are in their early 20s and his family is from Thailand.

They had not filed any paperwork to sell their farm, and Mr. Thamthaong is still in Thailand, where he lives with his parents and two older brothers. 

His brother-in-law has been in Thailand since the arrest. 

He said the farm was a large one and there was a lot of machinery on the property. 

Thailand has seen a rise in cases of money laundering, drug trafficking, and other crimes related to illegal activities.

Thailand’s anti-money laundering agency, the National Anti-Money Laundering Authority, has said more than 7,300 people have been arrested since January 1.

Thai authorities said Mr. Ngonsakul, who was arrested on Saturday, is the head of a Thai-based hedge fund, a reference to his country’s “mega hedge fund,” which has been linked to numerous scams.

He is not a government official.

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