Investment Bank’s $1bn deal to buy MFS puts the ‘forecast’ in your pocket

The investment bank has struck a deal to acquire MFS, one of the world’s biggest fund managers, for $1.3bn.

MFS has more than $1tn in assets under management and has been an adviser to clients around the world since 2000.

It has a staff of around 100 and is one of Britain’s largest fund managers.

Investment Bank is the world champion of buying MFS.

The deal is expected to close in the coming weeks, although there are no final decisions yet.

Shares in MFS rose about 3.5% to $1,734.50 in after-hours trading.

But the deal is likely to put the ‘Forecast’ column into your pocket, the Financial Times said.

“The acquisition of MFS by Investment Bank will be a major boost for the company,” it said.

“It is likely that the deal will see MFS increase its investment portfolio to a level that it has not been in the past.”

Investments bank shares have fallen in recent months as fears about Brexit and US President Donald Trump have hurt the economy and driven down prices.

The MFS board has also been under pressure from investors.

Its CEO, Brian Jones, has admitted to being “in the dark” about the deal.

In the past MFS has said that it does not think it can continue to grow and said it will focus on helping clients invest for their best interests.

However, its shares fell in the run-up to the Brexit vote, with shares in the fund falling by more than 80% from their highs on the day of the referendum.

And it has also become more cautious about how it invests.

More:Shares in investment bank are falling again as investors fear Brexit and Trump will hurt investment return Source: The Times/Reuters

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