The biggest UK tech stocks to invest in 2018

With the UK’s tech sector already struggling, we’ve taken a look at some of the biggest UK companies to invest into this year.


Virgin Media (VN) Virgin Media is the biggest online TV and broadband provider in the UK, which operates in both the UK and the US.

Virgin offers a range of services including its own content streaming service, its own streaming and internet-delivery services, and its own high-speed internet service.

The company has already announced it is to cut its staff by 50 per cent over the next five years, and has said it will look to expand the services it offers to its customers.

Virgin is also in the midst of a merger with Sky, which will see the merging of its TV and internet services.

The deal will see Virgin’s TV services split into two services, Virgin TV and Virgin Mobile.


Vodafone UK (VOD) Vodacom has been growing steadily in the United Kingdom and has been the UK telecoms group for many years.

VOD has become one of the UKs largest mobile operators, and was one of only three telecoms companies in the world to surpass the 100 million mobile subscribers mark in 2018.

Vos, which is based in the Netherlands, was also named the best new company to buy by the Economist.

Voes CEO has said that the company aims to offer a ‘superior voice over internet’ service to customers, as well as offering a better customer experience through its new ‘Vos-first’ technology.

VOS is also investing heavily in its US subsidiary, Nextel.

Nextel has recently been investing heavily into expanding its U.S. network, including investing in a $100m facility in Fremont, California, that will see it create up to 3,000 new jobs.


BSkyB (BBRY) BSkyb is the UK internet provider for BT and Virgin Media, which provides broadband internet services in the U.K. BBRY is the fourth-largest provider of broadband in the country, and is based out of the Uxbridge, Essex, town of Basingstoke.

The British firm has been increasing its investment in the company over the last few years, having acquired an 8 per cent stake in BT in 2016, and then an 18 per cent share in Virgin Media in 2017.

BBry also recently acquired a 5 per cent interest in Nextel, a joint venture between BSky and BSky Bids.


TalkTalk (TALK) TalkTalk is one of a number of UK telecom companies that has recently announced major investment plans, including the acquisition of its broadband services provider, TalkTalk, in May 2018.

Talk is also currently planning to build out a fibre-to-the-premises network in the future, which would enable the company to deliver broadband to as many as 10 million homes in the next 10 years.

Talk has already invested heavily in broadband infrastructure in the past, investing in an existing fibre network in Wales in 2018 and also investing in broadband in a number in the Isle of Wight in 2018, which has resulted in high speeds.


BT (BT) BT has been making big waves in the last several years with the acquisition and consolidation of a large amount of its communications company, British Telecom.

BT is also one of several UK companies that have recently been expanding its broadband service offerings.

BT already offers broadband internet service to over 40 million homes and businesses in the British Isles.

BT has also invested heavily into the technology behind its fibre network, having recently completed the purchase of its largest copper wire line network in Europe.

BT also recently announced plans to invest more than £500m into the construction of its next fibre network.


Talk Talk (Talks) Talk Talk is the largest UK communications company and also the operator of TalkTalk and TalkTalk+ services.

Talk Talks is one the UK companies best known for its broadband internet network, which was built in the late 1980s to allow TalkTalk customers to connect to the internet in the same way as everyone else.

Talk also recently started building a fibre network through a new fibre-optic cable, in the hope that it will enable it to offer broadband to more people in the years to come.

Talk talks has recently started a fibre fibre-based internet network in Surrey, which could help it achieve this goal.


Virgin Mobile (VM) Virgin Mobile is a leading mobile phone provider in Europe, offering customers a range in different markets from the UK to France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Virgin mobile has also expanded its range of mobile broadband services in recent years, which includes a fibre service to more customers in the West Midlands, where the company already has a majority stake.

Virgin’s broadband service has also been expanding rapidly in the EU, which saw it expand its fibre services in 2018 to 10 million customers.


EE (EE) EE is the main European telecoms provider for EE, which offers services to

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