The Latest on an airplane crash that killed a man and injured two others in Japan

On Feb. 7, a plane carrying people from the United States to Japan crashed in the middle of the ocean off the coast of Okinawa.

The plane was carrying seven people.

It is unclear what happened to the plane.

On Tuesday, a search and rescue team was sent to recover the bodies of the victims, including two adults and a child.

Investigators believe that the plane may have crashed into the ocean because of a fuel leak in the cargo hold, but that there are no clear indications of the cause.

The incident has brought back memories of a plane crash that occurred in Japan in January, in which a passenger plane crashed into a seawall while trying to land in Okinawa.

Authorities initially said that the aircraft had been hijacked, but the pilot eventually confessed to investigators that he and his crew were not aware that the hijackers were on board the plane, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The pilot was arrested on suspicion of committing a hijack, according a report by CNN.

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