What’s your investment advice for 2018?

Crypto investment websites have been flooded with new ICOs in the last few days, and it’s hard to choose between some of the options.

But, if you’re looking to take advantage of the next wave of ICOs, here are some of our top picks for 2018.1.

BitcoinCash BitcoinCash is an altcoin that’s been around for a few years, but it’s really only recently begun to gain traction among mainstream investors.

It’s worth noting that Bitcoin Cash is actually backed by a major US bank, but this isn’t the case with other altcoins.

In fact, many of the largest crypto investment sites are focused on investing in other altcoin projects.2.

Dash Dash has been around since 2015, and its rise to prominence is a bit like that of Bitcoin.

There are many ways to invest in Dash, but the main way you can get into investing in Dash is to trade in the cryptocurrency.3.

Ethereum Ethereum is the third largest cryptocurrency, and while there are other options out there for investment, Ethereum has been the most popular.

Many of the crypto investment firms are focusing on Ethereum, and there’s a lot of potential for the currency to go higher in 2018.4.

Ripple XRP is the world’s largest cryptocurrency and has been in existence for almost two decades.

However, there are many other cryptocurrencies that are gaining traction and investors are getting into Ripple in large numbers.

This year, the Ripple XRcoin ETF has grown from 0.2% of market cap in early 2018 to almost 9% today.5.

Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic is another altcoin, but unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, it’s also backed by the world wide web’s largest bank.

It has the potential to be a strong contender for a big rally in 2018, especially with the rise of Ethereum Classic.6.

Dash Ethereum is another cryptocurrency, but like Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic has a strong chance of becoming a major contender in 2018 thanks to its strong network effect.7.

Ripple Ethereum is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that has the same network effect as Bitcoin, and some cryptocurrency analysts are predicting that Ethereum Classic could be the cryptocurrency of choice for the crypto market in 2018 (not that you need to know about the cryptocurrency to see its value).8.

Monero Monero is another Cryptocurrency that has been gaining popularity, but there are a number of other cryptocurrency investments that could have a big impact in 2018 that aren’t listed here.

There’s a chance that Monero could have more than its fair share of success in 2018 given its recent surge.9.

Ripple Ripple is a cryptocurrency that’s backed by US bank Wells Fargo, which is another important reason to get into cryptocurrency investments.

Ripple is an investment firm that focuses on investing through the internet, and that makes it an attractive alternative to investing in more traditional cryptocurrencies.10.

Ripple’s CEO Jeffrey Wilcke is a former investment banker, so he understands the potential of cryptocurrency investing.

Ripple has a very small trading volume, so if you want to start trading in cryptocurrency this year, it would be best to get in early.11.

Ethereum and Bitcoin Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are two very different coins that are both backed by big financial institutions.

Bitcoin and Ether are popular investment tools, but Ethereum is considered a scam.

That makes Ethereum a less attractive investment for investors.12.

Ethereum is a crypto investment that’s worth a look because it has a significant network effect and it has the possibility to go much higher in 2019.

It also has a high level of liquidity and is backed by major banks.13.

Ripple One of the big issues facing cryptocurrencies is the scalability issue.

In order to create a reliable and reliable currency, users have to have reliable means of exchange.

Ripple offers a decentralized currency, and users can buy and sell tokens through its marketplace, called RippleNet.14.

Ethereum The second-biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, Ether has had a meteoric rise in popularity.

There have been many ICOs that have raised millions of dollars in the past few months, but Ether is a unique cryptocurrency with a lot to offer investors.15.

Dash There are a few cryptocurrencies out there that are also backed up by major financial institutions, and Dash is one of those cryptocurrencies.

However , many cryptocurrency investment firms have focused on Ethereum for its network effect, which has been seen in its recent rise in price.16.

Ripple The cryptocurrency that Ripple is backed up with has the ability to go up in price in 2018 and 2019.

But there are still plenty of other options that you should consider investing in.17.

Bitcoin, ether, and other crypto investments have a large amount of potential.

There is a lot you can do with the blockchain and the cryptocurrency industry is rapidly evolving.

You could be a crypto investor for years to come.

If you’re interested in cryptocurrency investment, here’s a list of some of these great investments.

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