Why Cambridge Analytica’s Cambridge Analytic has been so successful

The first major investment firm to invest in Cambridge Analysts, a Cambridge-based firm that uses sophisticated software to predict and analyse the behaviour of American voters, has ended up with a $50m valuation.

Analytix, founded in 2014, was valued at about $7.6bn by Forbes in October.

Cambridge Analytical, which has become a favourite of the Trump administration, is now worth around $30bn, according to the US investment house.

Analysts use computer software to track what Americans are buying, spending and spending on, and what they are not.

In a report published on Wednesday, Forbes said Analytics’ revenue was up from $1.8bn in 2013 to $5.4bn in 2018.

Analytic is now the biggest player in Cambridge’s space, with revenue of more than $6bn.

Analytics had invested about $8.5bn in the US, according a report by New America Foundation in January.

Analytical’s founder and chief executive, Carter Roberts, was a major Trump donor.

The company had invested more than a quarter of a billion dollars in US companies during the 2016 presidential election cycle.

The US Chamber of Commerce has also endorsed Analysts as a leader in its lobbying efforts.

Analytis’ stock price has been boosted by strong returns in the second quarter.

Analyts is a subsidiary of the software firm Palantir, which is based in Singapore and is known for its intelligence-gathering software.

Analysis is currently under investigation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission over allegations that it sold private information on Trump’s campaign and transition teams.

Analy tis is a separate company, with an operating arm called Palantar, and it is not clear if the SEC is investigating the company’s operations.

The SEC investigation follows a series of recent allegations of election meddling and voter fraud by political candidates.

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