Why you should invest in marijuana, according to the research firm,

Marijuana stocks have been gaining traction recently, with more than $2 billion in U.S. dollar-denominated deals reported over the last few weeks.

But investors should take a closer look at the marijuana industry, as marijuana is far from a household name, according for Marijuana Capital Group, a cannabis investment research firm.

Marijuana is a new industry that has the potential to be a huge success story.

It has the largest legal market in the world, which is growing rapidly, and it has the fastest-growing economy in the U.K., according to The Economist Intelligence Unit.

It is also incredibly disruptive to the current legal system, said the group’s CEO, Matthew D. Allen.

“I think this industry is poised to be transformative for the world,” Allen said.

“It’s not the only new market, but it is one of the most promising.”

If marijuana is to continue to be part of our future, we have to start thinking differently.

“While the marijuana market is small, there are a lot of factors that are driving its growth, including the popularity of marijuana as a recreational drug, Allen said, including legalization in 20 states and Washington, D.C., plus a trend toward legalization in many other states, including Alaska, California and Oregon.

Marlene Williams, a founder of the company, said that, while it’s not yet clear how much marijuana will become legal in the United States, she thinks the industry could be worth $30 billion to $40 billion in the next decade.”

There is no question in my mind that the marijuana sector is going to be the next $100 billion industry,” Williams said.

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